Agency Manager Introduction


Mr. Raymond Tan has worked in London from 1981 to 1984. After returning to Malaysia in 1984, he decided to join Life Insurance business in order to fulfill his dreams in life. He was promoted to Allianz Agency Manager in 1993. He won the "Year 2008 Master Builder Award" in Allianz Asia Pacific Region and groomed more than 10 direct and indirect Agency Managers, 30 Unit managers and few MRDT in his career path. He is one of the most successful Agency Manager in Allianz and a Million Dollar Agency Producer.


Mr. Sew Kok Wah joined the industry in 1994. He was promoted to Unit Manager in 1997 and then to an Agency Manager in year 2000. He was a MDRT qualifier in year 2004 and has a continuous qualifying record for Oversea Conventions since 1994. His hardworking and never give up attitude has produced successful milestones in his insurance career. He runs a Million Dollar Agency that has produced 3 Top Agency Managers. His helpfulness and sincerity in helping all of his agents to achieve success in life has made him a leader everyone looked up to in Allianz.


Mr. Sew Kok Fai has a 15 years experience in insurance career and is a MDRT. He runs a million dollar agency since year 2006. He was an aircraft technician for Singapore Aerospace with a secondary school qualification. Even though he has a passion being an aircraft technician, in the end he realized that in reality there is a limitation of what he can achieve as an aircraft technician. With this awakening, he decided to joinAllianz Life in 1997. He has never look back since then and was able to achieve many of his dreams. Along the journey, he has created few MDRT and also a Million Dollar Agency that has double digit growth every year. It is his belief that to be successful in this industry, a person should have a strong compelling desire, solid belief, effective actions and an iron will to succeed.


Mr. Jeffrey Lee has joined the insurance industry and representing Allianz since 2001. He graduated in Bachelor of Commerce with a combined major of Accounting & Finance. He is also a qualified CPA (Australia) and CFP (FPAM). He had been working for an overseas bank for 8 years before setting up his agency known as Edge Solution Wealth Advisory Sdn Bhd. His last position with the Bank was a Branch Manager. After joining Allianz to pursue his dreams, he never turned back and achieved breakthrough results and milestone in his career.


Mr. Carven Chong joined the insurance industry representing Allianz since 2001. His education background is an Engineer in Civil Engineering and he completed his Master in Information Technology (IT) and Multimedia. In order to pursue his dreams, he joined Allianz. In year 2010, he was promoted to Agency Manager and he set up his own financial services company called CP Ardent Advisory Sdn Bhd.