MDRT (Million Dolar Round Table)

Hee Cheok Sing

After 7 fantastic years with Allianz, Mr Hee Cheok Sing was earning an income that is not possibly achievable in his previous career as an engineer. In Allianz, he always feel that he is in control of his life being able to manage his own business and income. Despite of many challenges, the rewards in insurance industry are enormous and well worth the efforts put in. As he approaches his 10th year in Allianz, he looks forward to realizing more and more dreams come true.

Lim Ching Kok

Mr. Lim Ching Kok joined insurance career many years ago. Previously, Mr. Lim was a mechanical engineer and he has never thought of joining insurance industry as he viewed this career as a unglamorous career. People tends to shun insurance agent. Thus, the early days were very tough due to lack of experience in making phone calls and setting up appointments. However, he preserves and with the unselfish training, guidance and sharing amongst colleagues, he managed to learn many things, improving his confidence and sales. His hard work, patience and passion in Allianz has resulted in a tremendous sales growth. He was promoted to Unit Manager in July 2012. He viewed Eagle Group as a strong and effective platform for ambitious insurance agents to expand their business and career. Regular group meetings, trainings, and business activities have helped many agents to improve their results and increase their confidence in this career path.

Sherlie Chong

Ms. Sherlie Chong owned a beauty saloon and earning an income of 20k per month. However, she felt that the potential in life insurance is much better than her business. She decided to join Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad in year 2007. After joining for only 5 months, she achieved the "Million Dollar Round Table Award" (MDRT). She was promoted to Unit Manager in year 2009 and has recruited 30 agents in her unit. She is the top sales Unit Manager in her agency.

The followings are her achievements :-

  • Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) For 4 years
  • Allianz Centurian Producer (ACP - Minimun 100 cases per year) For 4 years
  • Top 10 Allianz Asia Pacific Ironman Award (ASAP - Minimun 1 case every week consecutively for 52 weeks) for 4 years
  • 5 Stars Allianz Master Producer (AMP - Minimun 100k AFYP) for 4 years
  • International Dragon Award (IDA - Minimum 500k FYP)

Lim Pui Fong

Ms. Lim Pui Fong has being in this industry for 13 years and she is a 8 times MDRT winner. She worked very hard in this industry while facing countless rejections and failures. However, she never give up. In order to excel, she believes everyone must have a compelling desire, solid belief, effective action and an iron will to succeed. Finally, she is now enjoying the success due to her beliefs and she understood that this industry is really rewarding for those who has the desire to succeed.

Ng Sheue Phing

Ms. Ng Sheue Ping believes that if we hold on fast, we will be able to build a successful future. It is her aim to give, share and preach with the intention to spread the best career option to everyone who believe that successful future is achievable.

Ong Kay Wei

Ms. Ong Kay Wei has achieved many dreams in her 7 years career with Allianz. To her, insurance industry is very rewarding and challenging as well. Overcoming challenges motivate her to keep learning and improve her leadership. She is very satisfied that this career allow her to make big changes in her life and touches many others as well. In the near future, she looks forward to seeing her fellow associates grow and realize their dreams.

Ho Hong Lee

Ms Ho Hong Lee graduated from Stamford College (London School of Economics) with 2nd class Degree in Economics. Hong Lee joined Allianz life in 2005 and has achieved many milestones while in this career. She achieved MDRT in 2006, 2009 and 2012. She has also achieved Centurion (100 Cases) in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Hong Lee was promoted to unit manager in 2012. In her first year Unit Manager, she has inspired and led her unit to achieve million dollar unit. Her great success has inspired many great producers in her unit. In addition, she has been awarded with overseas convention trips for the past 7 years consecutively.

Jeffrey Lee

Mr. Jeffrey Lee has joined the insurance industry and representing Allianz since 2001. He graduated as Bachelor of Commerce with combined major of Accounting & Finance. He is also a CPA of Australia and CFP of FPAM. He had been working for an overseas bank for 8 years before setting up his agency known as Edge Solution Wealth Advisory Sdn Bhd. His last position with the Bank was a Branch Manager. After joining Allianz to pursue his dream, he never turns back and achieved breakthrough results and milestone in his career.

Sew Kok Wah

Mr Sew Kok Wah joined the industry in 1994. He was promoted to Unit Manager in 1997 and then to an Agency Manager in year 2000. He was a MDRT qualifier in year 2004 and has a continuous qualifying record for Oversea Conventions since 1994. He runs a Million Dollar Agency that has produced 3 Top Agency Managers.